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Dec 6, 2012 6:00am EST
making more than 250 anyway because of the health care law. so the idea that somehow they will get a freebie is just crazy. >> california at 52%, new york and other places -- >> when you add up all the state and local taxes. hawaii is above 50, as well. >> hawaii is worth it, though. >> california is not bad either. >> unless you need to drive somewhere. right? and don't have a helicopter. >> there's a reason the president takes a helicopter anywhere. you can't drive in d.c. sdl those a >> boston in the city can get like that. last night i was thinking in my mother was still alive, cincinnati versus here, she would see like ten cars an and go oh, i can't believe people -- if she had seen the line of buss that basically was a wall of about 60 buses, they get precedence to go in, and then like 16 other lanes getting down to one to go into the tunnel, and you're just sitting there, like no within in the world does this. >> i got stuck in a broken down truck in the holland tunnel last night. it's amazing how fast they get that truck up and out. >> they better because there are fumes an
Dec 4, 2012 6:00am EST
what my regulations and laws will be. >> i do think that's become actually more of a consensus type view which is that if we were to be able to find some resolution, get a little bit more certainty, there is some pent up demand on the hiring side, on the which is i in-business investment side. you may actually see growth at 3% say. >> businesses will invest. consumers still have the ability because housing has helped them with the tail wind and you're seeing it in the auto cycle, you saw the sales yesterday and you'll see it increasing because interest rates are low, gas prices have come down, but businesses have the pent up demand and they didn't want to spend it because they don't know what's going to happen. >> let's bring in some of the sound from brian moynihan. we talked about a lot of things including the looming fiscal cliff. talked about business concerns as you head into the end of the year and even what to expect in 2014. bank of america has 55 million customers here in america. they represent one out of every two households. so moynihan has a very good idea about what co
Dec 7, 2012 6:00am EST
nonunion employees to pay fees. they have to agree on a single bill. the law would make the home of the u.s. auto industry the 24th right-to-work state banning mandatory unions. >>> a facebook post back on july 3rd leading to a wells notice for the ceo of netflix. the stock took a hit after hours. joining us on the "squawk" news line, the managing director of equity research at webbush securities. you have a very different analysis. you said it should have been an 8k and the information of a billion hours, that that was material? >> i think -- yes, on both of those. i think that reed is defining public the way noah webster defined public, and unfortunately webster doesn't run the s.e.c. the regulations are pretty clear and they specify the manner in which you can make public dissemination of material information and facebook just isn't one of those. >> so we're wrong, then, we have been under the impression that a ceo could come on cnbc and release nonpublic information and that would be okay because we're public. you think the only way to do it is an 8k? >> there's a specific rule for ne
Dec 5, 2012 6:00am EST
you. so i felt more secure crossing the border into a country that had laws that were backed by the justice system. >> bizarre story. the whole thing with him. who was that last guy? the guy that had the dungeon built in his house? >> yeah, the guy in california, he was a software guy too. >> crazy. money goes to -- i don't know what happened to this guy. but his neighbors did. he had nothing to do with -- >> he had been blogging about -- >> bath salts or something? not to soak his feet in. >> no, bath salts were like a great experimental drug he'd been experimenting with. >> wait a second -- hopefully you don't turn into a cannibal. you draw the line right before you start eating someone. >> hopefully. >>> still to come, rising above the fiscal cliff, steny hoyer is going to be our guest. plus -- and steny, i was reading his stuff. he sounds -- he's rising above a little bit. he didn't sound quite as -- jobs in focus. private payroll data from adp. this was my choice too. kenny chesney. it's a jobs friday preview. >>> and mark zandi of moody's joins us. we'll explain why he'
Dec 3, 2012 6:00am EST
something or do you think it's a bad law all the way through? >> honestly, steve, i think the answer is we're all going to find out a year from now. we're offering health care to our full time folks today. how this is going to affect business, how it's going to flow through, we're not going to know for a while now. first because uls you have to come, but secondly, i think there are a lot of things in effect that we're going do see in the marketplace for health care that nobody really fully understands yet. just an awful lot of changes coming through at once. so we'll see over time. >> all right. so salads just aren't happening for you, really, are they? >> you know, the lettuce and salads, people ask for them but, you know, it's interesting. at the end of the day, they like pizza. >> yeah, they do. >> that brooklyn style crust is outstanding. and that midweek carryout special, our kids love that. >> we're glad you came on today. we're all -- yeah. i can't think of anything bad to say. patrick, that you can. we appreciate it. >> thanks joe. >> you're in ann arbor. thanks. >>> let's take a l
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5